Code of Conduct

In negotiating the world of youth soccer, it is helpful to the players, the coaches and the parents or guardians to understand what is expected of them. Below is the BVYSA code of conduct that is enforced during the BVYSA season by the Board of Directors.

1. Understand the coach and his/her philosophy. If you don't know the goals of the team or coach then ask them to be spelled out. If you, as the parent or guardian do not agree with the direction of the coach and wish to take it a step further, then contact the BVYSA Board of Directors.

2. Send your child ready to play. They should be properly fed and clothed, and they should arrive on time.

3. Support the team, but do not instruct the player. It confuses your child and others, and it undermines the effort of the coach.

4. Use positive encouragement at all times. This would include such comments as "way to go", "nice effort", or "stay with it", etc.

5. Refrain from speaking with the officials, unless it is to say thank you after the game. Derogatory and negative statements directed towards any official of BVYSA is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at any time. If you have any questions or concerns with the official, relay them to the coach at the appropriate time.

6. Speak to the coach at the appropriate time. If you have concerns, use the phone or email. If it's about the game, let the dust settle for a couple of days then address the issue, and remember, “bee’s are attracted to honey”, not vinegar.

7. Report to the coach all injuries, special medical conditions or extenuating circumstances that may effect the player.


The main foundation of character development for BVYSA is sportsmanship, both for the player and the parent. What you say and how you carry yourself has a tremendous effect upon others. Please cheer on all players, as all players are giving their best effort. This includes the refs. Only positive affirmations are allowed and encouraged. Remember, “It’s not if you win or lose, but how you play the game”.

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